What to Do About Your Wisdom Teeth?

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Do you ever wonder why so many people need to have their wisdom teeth removed? In reality, many people have their wisdom teeth removed as a precaution because wisdom teeth could actually cause a number of fairly serious problems.

For example, did you know that your wisdom teeth could become impacted, or stuck in your gum line? Similarly, your wisdom teeth could push against your other pearly whites and could ruin any orthodontic work you’ve had. Furthermore, this push could also cause crooked teeth. If your wisdom teeth do erupt, you may also have overcrowded teeth.

Sadly, if your wisdom teeth aren’t removed you might be more vulnerable to decay and bacteria. This is partially because your teeth could be overcrowded, which can make plaque and bacteria harder to remove. Similarly, your wisdom teeth can actually be difficult to clean because they’re in the back of your mouth.

Finally, if a wisdom tooth is impacted, it could become infected. If this happens, your infection may need to be addressed before your tooth can be removed. Still, please don’t misunderstand: not everyone’s wisdom teeth need to be removed. If you have more questions about removing a wisdom tooth in Layton, Utah, we invite you to give Ridge Park Dental a call at 801-773-5285. Our dentist, Dr. Grant Brough, and our team will inspect your teeth and address any questions you have. We’re excited to receive your call.