A dental filling is used to repair a tooth that is suffering from minor decay, cracks, fractures and infections. At our dental practice, we offer both composite (tooth-colored) fillings and amalgam (silver) fillings to better fit each patient’s budget and lifestyle. Our knowledgeable dentists can help you determine which type of dental filling in Layton and Centerville, Utah, is best for your specific dental needs and your personal preferences. Composite fillings are often chosen for teeth in the front of your smile because they can be matched to your natural tooth color and blend in with the appearance of your smile. Amalgam fillings, which are silver in color, are often less expensive and may be a good choice depending on the location of the filling. You and Dr. Grant Brough or Dr. Spencer Pugmire will discuss your specific concerns and desires during your visit at our office.

In a single appointment, Dr. Brough or Dr. Pugmire will remove the compromised portion of the tooth and clean and fill the remaining tooth with either a silver or tooth-colored filling. We will carefully shape the filling to fit your smile comfortably. A dental filling can be an effective choice for restoring your smile’s health and function. To learn more about dental fillings and to set up your next visit to our office, we invite you to contact Ridge Park Dental at 801-773-5285.