Upgrade Your Smile with Endodontics and Root Canals

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Do you have any broken or damaged teeth? Have you suffered blunt trauma or have you taken a blow to the head that has resulted in dental damage? If so, it is important to visit your dentist to determine if damage to your pulp has occurred. If so, an endodontic treatment such as a root canal will be required.

Endodontics is a specialty branch of dentistry that focuses on a tooth’s pulp and surrounding tissues within your roots. Without endodontics, most damage to the pulps of teeth will result in tooth extractions as your only option. Endodontic treatments such as root canal therapies help save millions of teeth every year. Only by removing the pulp of a tooth can the tooth have a chance to survive.

Due to the complex procedures involved with root canals, endodontics requires at least two years of advanced training to perform the procedures necessary. Our team is well-versed in providing professional root canals to ensure your smile can continue to thrive should the worst occur.

If you have suffered dental damage, come see us so we can give you the appropriate treatment to allow your mouth to continue functioning properly for many years to come. For additional help with root canals, Dr. Grant Brough and our team at Ridge Park Dental are here to give you the smile you desire. If you would like to schedule an appointment to come see us at our dentist office in Layton, Utah, please contact us at 801-773-5285 to speak with a member of our team. We will get you back to smiling once more!