Tell Your Dentist About Any Increased Risk Factors for Oral of Pharyngeal Cancer

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While oral and pharyngeal cancer is more likely to occur later in life, it is nonetheless possible for these serious oral health conditions to afflict you at a younger age. This might be related to genetics as well as certain lifestyle choices.

If you have increased risk factors such as a family history of oral cancer, regular tobacco use, of the frequent consumption of alcohol, you should tell Dr. Grant Brough during your regularly scheduled dental checkup.

Early detection of oral and pharyngeal cancer can significantly improve your treatment options and treatment success rates. According to the American Cancer Society, most patients with stage I or II oral or pharyngeal cancer can be successfully treated with surgery or some form of radiation therapy.

Fortunately, every dental checkup administered at Ridge Park Dental includes a basic screening to detect any early signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer. This includes a simple examination of your mouth, gums, neck, tongue, and throat.

If any early signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer are detected, Dr. Grant Brough will refer you to an oncologist or another specialist to confirm a diagnosis and start the treatment process.

If you live in the Layton, Utah, area and you have oral or pharyngeal cancer concerns, you should not delay in calling 801-773-5285 to schedule a checkup with an oral cancer screening at Ridge Park Dental.