Signs That You May Need a Root Canal

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If you have a tooth that has undergone severe tooth decay, you know just how painful eating and chewing can be. Oftentimes, teeth in this condition have damaged enamel. If the decay has eroded too much of the healthy enamel, it may not be possible to treat the cavity with a simple dental filling. A tooth in this condition is also likely to have had the infection spread down into the roots.

Such cases require x-rays to inspect the roots before a treatment option can be decided on. If the x-rays come back showing the infection has spread into the roots, it is very likely your dentist Dr. Grant Brough will recommend a root canal treatment.

During your root canal, Dr. Grant Brough will assess the x-rays to find out just how much of the roots have become infected and require removal. A drill is then used to remove the decayed enamel of the tooth in order to create an opening for the infected roots to be removed from. The roots are then replaced with a rubber plug, and Dr. Grant Brough creates an abutment for a crown to be placed.

In order to create the crown for your tooth, an impression of it is sent off to a dental lab. The lab then uses the tooth’s impression to create a customized crown to fit in the abutment. You’ll need to come in for a brief second visit for the installation of the crown. Once it is cemented into place, your new crown will serve as a perfect replacement for your lost enamel and will also allow you to regain full use of the tooth.

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