Restoring Your Smile With Same-Day Inlays and Onlays

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We all know how important it is to take care of our teeth. And even though we do our best, our teeth can still develop problems with decay. While one solution for fixing tooth decay has been to get a dental filling, Ridge Park Dental also offers something different: same-day inlays and onlays.

Tooth decay occurs when acid produced by plaque and other sources eats through tooth enamel to the softer inner part of the tooth. This makes your tooth vulnerable to many problems, including infection. For some kinds of decay, a porcelain inlay or onlay may be the best solution. Both do essentially the same thing; the difference is how much tooth structure is restored. Inlays are used when damage does not involve the cusp, while onlays do cover cusps.

As with traditional fillings, the decayed material needs to be removed from the tooth. But instead of filling it with amalgam or a composite, a custom-made porcelain restoration is installed. These are stronger and more durable than standard fillings, lasting decades.

While inlays and onlays often take multiple visits to be complete, Dr. Grant Brough can provide them in one thanks to CEREC® same-day dental technology. Your appliance is designed and milled in-house, saving you the inconvenience of a temporary inlay or onlay while the real one is made elsewhere. You can walk out of our office with your new smile after one visit.

Tooth decay is serious, and porcelain inlays or onlays are a powerful way to restore your teeth from decay. If you have questions about same-day inlays or onlays, or want to schedule a visit with Dr. Grant Brough, call our Layton, UT, office today.