How to Purchase Your Perfect Toothbrush

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Grocery store aisles are lined with different types of toothbrushes: electric ones, long-bristled ones, children-sized ones, and character ones and they’re usually offered in every color to ever exist since the beginning of time. With so many options, picking out a toothbrush can be a daunting task.

What should be the most important factors in your toothbrush?

  • Comfort. Make sure your toothbrush is comfortable to hold with a light grip. It should fit your hand appropriately without much effort.
  • Size. Mouths and teeth come in different sizes, so getting a toothbrush that works for your mouth might not be the same toothbrush that works for your brother, sister, or parents. It is important that the brush size fits the size of your mouth/teeth, and it should allow you to reach your very back teeth.
  • Bristles. Soft bristles will feel the most comfortable on your teeth and gums. Hard bristles run the risk of damaging gums while you brush.
  • ADA Approved. The American Dental Association has approved certain toothbrushes that will effectively clean teeth and gums the correct way. Other toothbrushes are not necessarily ineffective, but the ADA has a certain set of guidelines their approved toothbrushes must meet.

As you use your new toothbrush, be sure to remember the importance of brushing softly, yet thoroughly, for two minutes twice per day.

For more information on correct tooth-brushing techniques, visit the American Dental Association’s website: