Educate Yourself About Toothaches

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Are you aware of the oral health risks of a toothache? A toothache is an oral health condition in which an abscessed tooth has begun to suffer from infection. Similar to various other oral health problems in your mouth, toothaches are often caused by a downturn in your oral hygiene and the risk of oral health hazards that can damage your smile. To ensure you can receive treatment as soon as possible, always inspect your mouth for any signs of toothaches as soon as you start to feel anything abnormal or irregular within your mouth.

If you are ready to drastically improve your smile, you’re going to want to look at different ways to do so without causing further dental damage. However, if an oral health risk is already present, it will need to be treated effectively. Unfortunately, not all oral health risks are easily found, so you may have to look for common signs and symptoms that something is amiss in the mouth, so you can receive treatment in time. This is often the case with toothaches which can cause dental damage that may be linked to other issues.

Common visual clues of toothaches include inflammation in your face or noticeable discharge around a tooth. Furthermore, if you experience high fevers, chills, facial rashes or have extreme bouts of pain even after using pain-relieving medications, it could be a sign that a toothache is present. In addition, if you’ve recently suffered an accident or injury, a TMJ disorder, or your wisdom teeth are erupting, you could be at an increased risk for toothaches.

Do you feel confident in your knowledge about toothaches? With toothache prevention and care from Ridge Park Dental, we can make sure you receive the oral health care you need. If you wish to schedule an appointment to visit us at our dental office in Layton, Utah, Dr. Grant Brough and our team can be reached by calling us at 801-773-5285.