Do You Snore? A Tongue Stabilizer Can Help

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While snoring itself is common among all ages and typically more of an annoyance than a threat, when caused by sleep apnea, it can be accompanied by interrupted breathing and other health complications. You may find that a tongue stabilizer prevents snoring caused by sleep apnea and is an easy-to-care-for appliance.

When it comes to selecting an appropriate option treat snoring and improve breathing, you have a variety of options, and its importance to see your physician for a proper diagnosis for sleep apnea before you start. You may need to wear a CPAP if you have severe sleep apnea, which is less commonly called positive pressure treatment device. It’s worn over your mouth and nose to maintain proper air flow during sleep.

Another options is a tongue stabilizer, which is a type of snore guard that you place in your mouth. Because it doesn’t attach to the teeth, it is popular among denture patients. This appliance keeps the tongue and soft palate in correct position for regular and easy breathing during sleep.

You can keep the appliance by brushing it with denture polish every morning to wash away bacteria and plaque particles. Then, use paper towel to dry it before putting it away in its case. Remember to clean your tongue as well to prevent foul breath from oral bacteria.

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