Denture Adhesive Helps Bond Dentures to Gums

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A removable dental appliance such as a denture or removable denture is often provided by our dentists Dr. Grant Brough to replicate the basic function of your missing teeth. Teeth can be lost to gum disease, tooth decay or a severe dental trauma..

The base of the denture will be created in a state of the art dental lab to closely match the existing structure off your gums. While this helps the unit to fit firmly and comfortably in your mouth, many denture users also like to use denture adhesive. Not only will adhesive help hold your denture in place, it can also help prevent stray food particles from infiltrating the base. This can reduce your chances of suffering gum irritation. Before using denture adhesive, you need to look for a brand that has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. It indicates that the specific product has researched, tested and certified as safe and effective. Any time you take your denture out, you should thoroughly rinse it to clear away any food debris as well as any residual denture adhesive.

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