Dental X-rays During Pregnancy: Yes or No?

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Sometimes, dental X-rays are inevitable, especially if they are recommended by the dentist to diagnose cavities or other dental conditions. You may wonder if they safe during pregnancy though, and the answer is YES. Radiation exposure is always a concern, however, there is very little radiation with a dental X-ray and advances in technology now include the use of digital X-rays. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have deemed them safe and advise conducting prenatal dental evaluations in the first trimester.

At Ridge Park Dental, we also use a lead apron that covers the neck and torso, to further protect you from radiation. Reasons why you may need dental X-rays in Layton, Utah, include:

-Detecting cavities in their earliest stages to determine if a restoration during pregnancy is deemed necessary
-Diagnosing infections that can be deep into a tooth and not easily recognizable through a dental examination
-Checking for any cysts or tumors that could cause potential problems, and if large, a plan to remove them
-Detecting Bruxism or teeth grinding, which can cause discomfort, jaw misalignment, and even severe pain in some cases
-Identifying wisdom teeth, if they haven’t been removed, and check their health

Dr. Grant Brough may recommend getting dental X-rays in the first trimester, if at all possible, to check your oral health. Preventing dental issues by ensuring a good oral care routine can stave off many issues that could cause future problems. Contact us at 801-773-5285 if you have any questions or concerns about dental X-rays. We strive to provide the best dental care in Layton, Utah, so get in touch with our dental team, if you need assistance.