Corporate vs. Private Dentistry

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More and more in today’s society, we are becoming just another number, or worse, just a dollar sign. Are you tired of being treated as if your worth is dependent upon depth of your pocketbook? From being herded through big store checkout lines as if they were a corral to identifying your food order by a number called among hundreds, any sense of personalized customer service or friendly and genuine care is quickly disappearing. Sadly, this has extended into the healthcare industry and dentistry. The problem is that it has become exactly that – an industry. There are more and more corporate dentists that work for the money and compromise on the quality of care and attention that they provide for their patients.

It is easy to be pulled into a corporate dentist, especially with their corporate-wide promotions and specials that they can offer such as free exams or x-rays. However, as a patient, you must decide whether you want the quick and cheap option, or the quality care and personal attention and care that a private practice will offer you. At Ridge Park Dental you will find yourself in an environment very different than the large corporate world. Our welcoming dental team and friendly dentists treat each and every patient with genuine care and respect. When you step into our office, our focus is on you and making sure you are as comfortable as possible and receive only the highest level of care. We won’t pressure you into unnecessary treatments or attempt to rush you out the door as can happen in the corporate world. Instead, we will always have your best interests in mind and value your time. We make it our mission to bring an unexpectedly high level of quality dental service to Layton, UT. We are excited to give you something to smile about.