What is YOUR Best Smile?

No matter what the occasion may be, we want our smile to look the best it can. You may want to brighten your smile, maybe close some gaps or repair cracked or decayed teeth.   Teeth whitening or bleaching is one way make your smile sparkle. Whiten your teeth with custom bleach trays. After your initial bleaching, you… Read more »

Which Insurance Is Best?

Which insurance is best? This is a question I get a lot this time of year. I tell my callers there are a few items to consider and compare. I’d like to share them with you. Monthly Premiums – How much does will your plan cost you each month? Maximums & Deductibles – How much will your insurance pay out each… Read more »

Breaking Dawn

  We donned our coats with tickets in hand and headed out to the premier of Breaking Dawn.  Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait until dawn in order enjoy the Premier. Our office staff was invited by Dr. DeDecker to attend their private showing last night. It was a fun evening to share with co-workers, friends… Read more »

Annual Staff Picnic

Every year, as a staff we get together for our annual picnic. Our families join us and we have a great time. This year we went to Layton Park and took Staff Photos. I love how our office friendships extend outside the office. We even get a little crazy somtimes! ~Annette