Act Now on Any Signs of Bruxism

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It’s hard to know if you tend to snore or grind your teeth when you sleep, which are habits of a disorder known as bruxism. While the causes of bruxism are numerous, it’s difficult to seek a diagnosis and treatment if the problem only occurs while you are asleep. However, many symptoms of bruxism are most prevalent when you wake up, and we encourage you to recognize the signs.

One of the signs of teeth grinding is a smile full of damaged teeth or broken dental restorations. Grinding can make teeth appear dull and flat, and if you bite your cheek as well, you will have damaged cheek tissues. Morning headaches are another indication of bruxism.

There is also a link between bruxism and TMJ disorder, often recognized by the presence of tooth sensitivity and a sore jaw first thing in the morning. You may also have TMJ disorder if you struggle to open and close your mouth as a result of a stiff or locking jaw.

We encourage you to report these symptoms to Ridge Park Dental as soon as possible. Contact our office at 801-773-5285 today if you need to speak with our dentists, Dr. Grant Brough, about receiving treatment for bruxism in Layton, Utah.